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Your constant life is quite demanding, asking you to stand strong, to keep going no matter what. Keeping up this facade is what is expected of you most of the time. In society, at work, sometimes even in the family or friend groups. Deep inside you feel estranged from yourself and your feelings, hence you don’t experience safety. You end up wearing a mask while feeling overwhelmed. Your body reacts with a fight, flight, freeze or fawn response. 

All this makes you even more disassociated from who you truly are and what you feel inside. This then will affect the quality of your relationships. ‘Staying strong’ and ‘not tuning in with your feelings’ is the only way to experience ‘safety’. It has become your coping strategy to exist in the world.

The question you are invited to ask: Do you want to stay disconnected from your inner feelings? Do you want to feel unsafe and not knowing how to handle stressful situations? Do you want to numb yourself as a coping strategy to deal with life’s challenges?

When the answer is NO!

Sign up!

YES, sign me up for the 8 week SAFETY course – Safety is the basis for a successful life.
I want to develop tools to master all the up and downs of life.

Starting on the 27th of May, I say
YES to a less stressful life
YES to knowing what SAFETY means in my body
YES to learning to cope with uncertainty
YES to being my authentic SELF and acting from my authentic SELF.

I am saying YES to LIFE!

Course overview

‘Safety – the transformative power of feeling safe’

This 8 weeks course supports you in overcoming unrest and feeling unsafe. It will provide you with the tools to live a more grounded and authentic life. You are going on an eight weeks deep dive into the topic of SAFETY. Each week will take you deeper into the aspects of Safety.

Week 1 – Defining Safety for SELF and the group
Week 2 – An Oxymoron – Vulnerability also creates Safety
Week 3 – What did I learn around Safety?
Week 4 – How will I be able to express myself authentically in my relationships?
Week 5 – Implementing a new way of being – Creating tools for your daily life
Week 6 – Practice lab to create Safety for SELF
Week 7 – Mediation practice when there is Rupture
Week 8 – Reflection on where are we now from where we started

You will learn:

  • To understand the different aspects of safety

  • To reconnect to your true self

  • Techniques for self-regulation

  • How to befriend you nervous system

  • How to experience safety in your body

  • To understand the function of coping strategies

  • How to be when emotions show up

  • Tools to be with overwhelm

  • Experience freedom from your reactivity

  • Celebrate your authentic self and its potential

  • Become comfortable with your vulnerability

  • Connect to a supportive community

All sessions will be interactive and be held in a safe environment.

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Course structure

8 online dialogue circles via Zoom in a secure group
Each session will be 90 min
Mondays from 06.30 – 08.00 pm CET / 09.30 – 11.00 am PST / 12.00 – 13.30 pm EST
Starting on Monday 27 May and finishing on Monday 15 July 2024
Participation Fee is € 240,- for the entire 8 weeks, all sessions
Facilitated by Claudia Goetzelman and Judith van den Boogert (see below)

Guiding Principles of The Rumble Box

In order to create a SAFE container we formulated these

This is how we set up and hold space in the Rumble Box
This is how we hold ourselves in INTEGRITY
This is how we will show up in our Lives
This will be our structure when being with all of you

Yes, I want to sign up!

Client testimonials

Claudia has helped me to process and move through the toughest period of my life (so far). After two sessions with her I felt I had covered more ground than I had in 6 months with my previous therapist. On our 7th session I thanked her for having changed my life.

She has helped me reframe and understand so much of my past; relationships, familial roles, protective mechanisms that originally helped me to survive, which became dysfunctional and detrimental over time. This has helped me to better understand others’ motivations and to ultimately find more compassion.

Claudia has been essential in my journey of self love. I feel I’m now learning to accept and embrace all aspects of myself, and the insights I’ve gained from our time together has helped me become a more complete and rounded human being. I feel I’m now vibrating in my truth and I wouldn’t have arrived here at this point without her compassionate inquiry 🙏

William S., United Kingdom

Trying to find words to express what it was to work with Claudia……
Amazing, wonderful, fantastic but they don’t come close, not anywhere near.

Claudia’s gentle encouragement to be curious about myself was a very different approach than I had met with before.
Her presence created safety in me and I felt seen and all parts of me felt welcome to be part of our sessions.
The work felt expansive, energizing, and alchemizing! I was able to meet all the variations of me, my whole inner family,
To get to know them and understand their functions has been the inspirational motivation to choose differently today.

To act in a truly loving way toward myself is possible because of Claudia.
I feel beautifully full, more whole and authentic. I am so grateful to have been able to do this deep work with her.

Liv S., United Kingdom

Judith knows as the best to work with a group, to get to their level and let them feel comfortable, even when discussing difficult subjects. I have been in several of Judith's trainings and we went in deeper and deeper, really trying to grasp the core of the conflict. That wasn't always easy, but because she set the group's atmosphere, we moved forward as a group. It felt safe, and even when we clashed, we came back together again.

Elisabeth S., Kenya

The communication between Judith and me was very clear and nice. She made me feel that I could tell her everything.Also, in later sessions she came back to things (details sometimes) that I said in earlier sessions what, which shows her commitment.

For me it was very easy to be open, it felt nice and safe.
What especially struck me is how quickly we achieved results.

With just a few exercises a lot of things became clear to me. I think a lot of people would benefit from Judith's coaching.

Iris P., The Netherlands

It was difficult to write this testimonial. how do you put feelings into words? I am emotional when I think of Claudia – I felt so safe in her presence and through that safety I could access so many aspects of my Childhood Trauma, She made me feel seen and understood. And maybe for the first time ever I really felt not judged.

Dana M – Sydney/ Australia

My first impression of Claudia was that she is gentle, compassionate and safe. I found comfort in her words and manorisms.
As the process unfolded I was amazed at how quickly time went by as we traveled through a web of thoughts and feelings.
The work was tangible on a physical level, leaving me with a clear path to move forward with a conscious acceptance of who I am and my potential.

Barbara S – Denver / USA

Your trainings are tremendously constructive, you start with the basics and then you keep adding to that. It felt like I could always practice what I had just learned, but that I was getting a step further each time.

At the end of the training I thought ' wow, how quickly it went by and how much I learned!'
I really feel more confident to work with this. I also now better understand where the conflict arises and what I could do with this myself. Thank you, Judith.”

Hamid B. - Bangladesh

Despite the free sand of my confused thoughts, Judith brought structure to each session: what are we going to talk about? If I chose a particular topic, she made it insightful with a particular model.

I wasn't used to this with psychologists I've talked to in the past. But it turned out to be so valuable!

My goal was that I would not let setbacks get me down. That I would become more confident. And that goal has definitely been achieved. Coaching with Judith has really taught me to be more positive about myself and remove my doubts. I can now apply the personal learning experiences to my work. I am very grateful to Judith for that.

Charlotte V., The Netherlands

Course outcomes

At the end of this course I will be able to

Forms of Safety

understand the different forms of safety and how they apply to your life

Tools for Safety

use different tools that will bring you back into your body

Nervous system

understand the function of your nervous system and how to handle overwhelm

Coping strategies

understand your coping strategies and limiting beliefs

Foster community

be and talk with others about difficult emotions


connect with your authentic SELF

Bonus materials

Additionally you will get for FREE


√. Access to the Rumble Box course platform where you find learning materials and resources

√. Weekly after-session notes to be added to the course platform 

√. Bonus exercises which will help you find a way towards feeling safe

√. A community platform where you connect with others and deepen your learnings

This is who we are

The Rumble Box & Safety

We are Claudia Goetzelmann and Judith van den Boogert, two experienced professionals in the field of personal development, trauma, conflict resolution and grief counseling. We joined forces in The Rumble Box as we see many commonalities in both of our professions. The current underlying factor many people face is the lack of Safety. We feel there is a big need to create a community space for people to be, to learn and to grow, develop language and tools in order to be better equipped for the daily life.

‘The Rumble Box’  derives from an interview with Brené Brown. She explains that there aren’t many places where it is safe enough to explore things we are uncertain about or for which we don’t have the right words.  Rumbling stands for shaking everything enough so new ideas, new options and perhaps ways to express and move forward will arise. And this terminology and the idea behind ‘rumbling’ (‘ratelen’ in Dutch/ German) immediately clicked with us both.

It is our desire that The Rumble Box will become a space where all can be explored, even when feeling vulnerable and the outcome is uncertain. It might lead us into a new situation, new insights, and foremost, a place where EVERYTHING is welcomed!

We are super excited to welcome you in The Rumble Box! In this Online Dialogue Circle we will explore precisely what needs to be explored when things are uncertain: SAFETY. We will create and invite new awareness and to ask better questions by learning new language around our internal processes. We are looking forward to be exploring this all together with YOU!

Judith van den Boogert

As a conflict resolution professional, mediator, trainer and coach it is my passion to understand and work with the deeper motivations and needs of people in their actions, decisions and ‘stuckness’. Therefore I facilitate trauma-informed processes in which you can learn, develop and heal. Processes in which you feel you can take ownership in the steps you want to take.

My work is held in the containers of Conflict Resolution and Transformation, with a specialization in mediation and peace building. I combine this with different modalities, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), forms of dialogue, breath work, Focusing, Felt Sense Polyvagal Model (FSPM) and participatory group facilitation methods (ToP).

My approach
I strongly believe that everyone can learn how to deal with (inner) conflicts and their underlying emotions, we just weren’t taught how to. When you know its principles, dynamics and the specific root causes of the situation you are in, and you dare to look and feel inside yourself and really listen to yourself and those around you, the essentials are there to create change. Openness and curiosity for discovering new things most definitely  help.

For doing so a safe environment and respect for everyone’s background and opinion is essential. It is important that people learn in a safe container to unravel where their ‘stuckness’ started and what is needed to overcome obstacles towards a more content life. This course offers you tools that you too can use in everyday life.

Who I worked with before? Just ordinary people like you and me, often those that are faced with dire circumstances, such as peacebuilders in (post) conflict areas, humanitarians, UN personal, employers/employees in conflicting workplaces, people in diverse neighborhoods , all dealing with unsafe situations, wanting to change their situation.

I would be very happy to discover also more of you, all at your own pace.

Claudia Goetzelmann

I am excited to be here in this space with you as I walk this path, while connecting deeper to my gifts and calling.

My work is held in the containers & modalities of Compassionate Inquiry (CI), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Focusing, Felt Sense Polyvagal Model (FSPM. I studied Relational Psychedelic Therapy with focus on Integration. I am also an End of Life Doula and currently on a yearlong apprenticeship under the guidance of Francis Weller to become a Grief Tender and Ritualist.

My approach
I conduct my work in the safe container of Compassionate Inquiry (CI). It is a bottom up & top down approach. CI is a somatic and trauma-informed psychotherapeutic modality developed by Dr Gabor Maté.

Our bodies are witness to all we experience. We store our emotions in the body. Trauma is held in the body. By connecting to the body we can bring an implicit memory forward into explicit awareness. Through the process of CI the healing can take place in a gentle and safe way, while the release is offering a deeper connection to SELF and a more fulfilling and attuned Life.

I also work with the relational body oriented modalities of Focusing, IFS, PVI and Felt Sensing, Ritualizing, Grief Tending – I value the relational aspect and the mutual commitment to the process.

I consider myself a Global Being, an Elder in Training, currently in Germany, otherwise in California.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and being with you.

Participation Fee

Sign up now for

the Early Bird ticket, only available till the 15th of May (midnight CET)


or decide later

€ 240,-  *Regular ticket, after the 15th of May  

All participants pay via PayPal by using the QR code below.
To finalize your participation we will send an intake form to your email address.

*NB: Prior to the course you will receive the Zoom link and access to the course platform.